Saturday, September 19, 2009

Speech Impaired Weigh In on New York Times Article

An article of interest on my site - The New York Times wrote a piece on health insurers' refusal to pay for speech generating devices if they performed other functions like email or a web browser. Because essentially, this turns the device into a computer and the insurers aren't in the business of buying people's personal technology, so the arguement goes. Roger Ebert, the film critic who lost some of his voice after cancer surgery, weighs in, as do others. Check out my comments here.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Resurrection of Profoundly Yours

Many of you know that I have a website I would be thrilled if you checked it out. While I love the design, it leaves little room for random ramblings -- and Twitter just doesn't feed the crave. So I'm resurrecting this blog as a place to put all the other stuff that doesn't seem as professional. It may be about deafness and disability; it may not. But you'll be able to find these posts by tag. I'll also be working on redesigning Abledbody to make it more bloggy, less magaziney. Would love your thoughts. Thanks!